Helping organizations reach
meaningful transformation

CULTURESHIFT is a consulting boutique with a human-centric and values-driven approach to business transformation.

By improving communication and collaboration practices, we enable teams to leverage the full potential of their diverse talent in order to overcome the challenges inherent to change. We help organizations and teams implement their transformation towards a more sustainable, inclusive and fulfilling future.

7 CONVICTIONS(and counting)

The solutions to our most complex and pressing challenges, whether environmental, social, economic, political or technological, rest with our ability to consciously re-connect with our deep sense of unity as human beings.

Like in nature, companies and teams are systems: open, ever emerging, complex and interdependent with other organizations.

The only constant is change because life is always evolving.

Whether as people or as organizations, transformation happens when we address both the human-being and the human-doing.

People and teams whose work aligns with their values and fills them with a sense of purpose, work better, learn better, grow and are more resilient.

The more aware we are of our emotions and thoughts, the more we can manage them and have healthy relationships.

The inclusion of all types of talents and profiles makes for stronger, more innovative teams.


Ways of being meet ways of working

Our approach is

Humanistic – starting from the lived human experience in your workplace, mindful of its complex psychological and relational aspects.

Adaptive – adapting our terms of engagement to your organizational structure and culture whilst challenging it when transformation demands it.

Awareness – raising awareness of the hidden dynamics at play that impede you, without which no change can be anchored.

Co-design – leveraging your collective intelligence to co-create the interventions whether in ‘test&learn’ scenarios or in final implementation mode.

Impact-oriented – aiming to improve the performance KPI as a result of better communication and collaboration within the teams, with the stakeholders, within your eco-system.

…we team up with other seasoned consultants, coaches or facilitators from various eco-systems in function of the specific client’s needs, be it skill-based or language-based.


aligning purpose, values
and behaviours for a
fulfilling performance


The reason why you exist, what inspires you everyday, what drives you to be better and gives you meaning

values / beliefs / relationships

Declared vs. lived values, unconscious biases, assumptions, group dynamics, emotional and cultural intelligence

communication / collaboration

Positive and negative behaviours, new practices, differentiating facts and assumptions, the art of feedback


iterative process

CULTURESHIFT blends consulting, coaching,
facilitation and training as modes of intervention
whether as virtual, in person or 'blended'

Consulting: organizational culture audit, purpose/values/behavior alignment strategy, transformation program phasing, with engagement strategy and internal comms.

Values assessment: diagnostic of personal/team/organizational values.

Coaching: defining coaching needs, coaching leaders, change agents, managers and teams, sourcing coaches.

Workshop facilitation & training: greytogreen®, Managing Unconscious Bias®, Diversity & Inclusion Awareness & Action, the Art of Feedback, Team Self-reflection, engagement and internal communications, training for scaling up to internal trainers.

Speaking: Diversity & Inclusion.



Passionate about the human and the cross-cultural dimensions of business transformation, Valérie has undertaken academic research in the area of psychological safety and diversity for her HEC Paris/Oxford University master in ‘Consulting and Coaching for Change’ in 2018 and created CULTURESHIFT.

After starting her career in her native Belgium, Valérie leaves to South America to run international client services and strategic planning at D’Arcy in Venezuela and Chile from 1994 to 2000.

She comes back to Europe to lead WOLFF OLINS operations in Spain as well as culture and brand changes consulting missions in Europe from 2001 to 2007. Valérie will also work as an independent executive coach and consultant. She also works as a volunteer for the Red Cross where she put her experience at the service of that great organization.

As of 2010, Valérie leads most of the international business of CLM BBDO. She is at the head of the advertising, digital, PR and retail marketing agency teams on EMEA and global client businesses. She also contributes to the transformation of the agency’s own offer, blending digital and advertising.

CLIENTS: Dassault Systèmes, Bacardi, SC Johnson, Pepsico, Affinity Petcare, Amnesty International, IKEA Iberica, OmniwomenUK+Allies, Procter&Gamble, mobilkomAustria, IESE, Telefonica Moviles, Creu Roja de Catalunya, ROCA, Barcelò Hotels & Resorts.